5 Positive Effects Of Marijuana (scientifically proven) That The Media Will Never Make Known

Despite the devaluation of marijuana in traditional media, it has benefits that have been scientifically proven that are, however, little widespread.
Marijuana is, in our time, one of the most persecuted substances both openly and tacitly pursuing written and unwritten laws of morality and the predominant (but not always observed) values ‚Äč‚Äčthat have plunged it into a process of degradation In spite of the many efforts that have been made in recent years to restore it as a substance that, at the outset, any responsible and informed adult should have the possibility of consuming and, on the other hand, of the Which have proven numerous positive effects and in some cases significantly less harmful than those of other drugs much more accepted in society as alcohol or tobacco.
On this occasion we share 5 of these effects whose benefit has been scientifically proven by researchers and institutions of recognized prestige and academic rigor.
1. Cannabis does not exacerbate the symptoms of psychotic persons
When a tragedy occurs due to a mentally disturbed person (murders, violent attacks, etc.), it is not uncommon for traditional media to associate the responsible person’s imbalance with drug use, marijuana on certain occasions. However, a couple of investigations revealed, separately, that those with schizophrenia and other related disorders do not see their symptoms exacerbated by the use of marijuana and, on the other hand, that cannabis even reduces mortality rates among this population.
Investigations that uncovered this were done by scientists at Keele University Medical School and a team from the University of Maryland and Inje University of South Korea, respectively.
2. Legalization of marijuana reduces the incidence of suicide
Complex as it is reality, it is not easy to predict how a decision unfolds in a multitude of effects, even in the most unexpected areas. And this is a bit the case of the conclusion reached by researchers at Montana State University and San Diego State University, who found a link between the process of marijuana legalization and the decline in suicide rate , Especially among men between 20 and 39 years of age.
3. The smoke produced by marijuana when it is smoked is less harmful to the lungs than tobacco smoke
The smoke produced by a cigarette (whatever the herb burned inside) has recently been one of the most sanctioned smoking qualities, to the extent that more and more cities around the world establish a kind of segregation that distinguishes To those who smoke from those who do not, claiming that it is enough to suck in the smoke to suffer the same or worse consequences in their respiratory system of those who smoke by their own decision and will.
But it seems that not all fumes do the same damage, as scientists at the University of California at San Francisco have found, occasional marijuana smokers have better lung functions compared to those who smoke regular cigarettes.Also, in 2007 a study sponsored by Yale University concluded that smoking marijuana is not associated with the development of emphysema and other such evils.
4. The relationship between marijuana use and motor vehicle crashes is negligible
Although there is also a tendency to associate cannabis with accidents that occur on board a car, the truth is that this link is practically non-existent. According to data analyzed by an academic from the University of Aalborg and the Institute of Transport Economics in Oslo, marijuana only increases the probability of a car accident by 1.06, for example 2.96 cocaine or 4.46 Amphetamines.
5. Marijuana does have medicinal properties
For some it will sound incredible that you still doubt the medicinal properties of the ganja , known from ancient times and have only recently been tried to bypass. As an analgesic in the case of pain originating in a neuropathy, in order to treat the spasticity (muscle contraction) associated with sclerosis and also as a therapeutic support for other diseases, these benefits of marijuana in the body health of those who They require it. Check here 10 scientifically proven medical benefits offered by this plant