The Plenary of the Baja California Congress approved a point of agreement proposed by the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) to exhort the governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, with the purpose of carrying out actions before the federal government in order to That the payroll of the magisterium be reincorporated to the state scope.

It corresponded to the deputy Francisco Barraza Chiquete to read the document of the Jucopo. He said that this exhort is due to the request made by a group of teachers who are part of the State Resistencia Movement of Baja California, who presented a series of lawsuits and problems before the president of the Legislative Power, deputy Alcibíades García Lizardi.

“Among other problems that are affecting thousands of education workers, they mention particularly the delay in the payments of the federalized magisterium corresponding to the second part of the Christmas bonus and to the two fortnights of January. In addition, there is a delay in the payment of the premium called 22%, which must be covered, no later than the 30th of each month, “said Barraza Chiquete.

Likewise, the legislator mentioned that the members of the said Movement of Resistance revealed the problem that are living the teachers recently assigned by the Professional Teaching Service, as they have not been fully registered in the system, And those who did, it was only temporarily and not definitive as his appointment says.

Among other problems that have arisen from the irregularities described, the issue stands out that a large number of teachers have not been able to register with ISSSTE medical services.

But no doubt, said the deputy Francisco Barraza, “one of its most heartfelt demands is the decentralization of the payroll of education workers, so that it is the government of the State that issues in time and form the payments of these same the teachers”.

On the other hand, he said that Jucopo understood that not all the demands raised by teachers are the responsibility of the state government; However, considered that it is in the interest of the XXI Legislature to know the linkage and institutional coordination of the State Educational Services with the federal government departments competent to attend and, if necessary, respond to those demands.

“According to the professors, they have a special interest in knowing, through the holder of Education and Social Welfare, the position of the government of the State in relation to a series of issues that have affected them in their personal and family economy, In addition to putting their jobs at risk, “he concluded.