UABC still under investigation in State Congress but stop media debate

Mexicali, BC, Thursday, October 9, 2014. – Calling for prudence y ? Making clear their firm conviction? Of the Endorsement To the maximum house of studies, this morning in press conference, the deputy Rodolfo Olimpo Hernandez Bojórquez answered to ? Several questions of the mass media.

Representing the nine forces of political parties in the State Congress, the President of the Commission of ? Inspection ? Of the Public Expenditure, said that three issues were dealt with within the Political Coordination Board (JUCOPO)? Which have generated controversy with the university authority.

Expressed these topics ? Were: Human rights for people with disabilities, the relative issue ? To the processes and criteria for selection? Of new students ? And the financial management that is analyzed in the Public Expenditure Audit Commission.

He explained that? The UABC is currently in the process of “choosing the new rector and” Clarified that none of the deputies of the different partisan forces has a particular interest in influencing it.

To the representatives of the media, he told them that by agreement of the political forces in this Legislature, ? Will be made closer? With the rector Felipe Cuamea Velázquez, ? ? To express the support ? And respect in the process? Of succession that is currently taking place in ? The Autonomous University of Baja California.

Finally? Reaffirmed: “We want to appeal to prudence and respect, that once?” The internal process of the UABC is exhausted, we will be able to resume the themes ? Of greater relevance for the maximum house of studies and for the bajacalifornianos “.

I presented.-

Mexicali, BC, on Tuesday, October 07, 2014.- ? In connection with various statements by Baja California media, in which you affirm that “there are losses for more than 26 million pesos for UABC stock investments” (documents are attached), I ask you to request You are welcome to provide and submit to the undersigned, the university community, the University Board of Trustees, and the public opinion of Baja California, the documentary evidence that supports and confirms its statement.

The Autonomous University of Baja California has a long tradition in the transparent exercise of its resources and has been a pioneer in this area, as well as in the accountability of the results of the application of such resources, and of responsibly fulfilling its mission institutional.

The statements that lack support or evidence, injure the image of the maximum house of studies in Baja California, obstruct the full performance of their substantive and adjective functions, call into question the honorability of the members of the University Board, and promote a climate of animosity Towards the institution.

Therefore, I reiterate my attentive request that you please make the public clarifications that prove and confirm your repeated statements on the matter. In a state of law where we aspire to comply with the law, all citizens are subject to due process.
Expect GPPAN that conflict with UABC is not related to change in its Rectory ?
MEXICALI, BC, October 9, 2014.- The coordinator of the PAN Parliamentary Group in the State Congress, Gustavo Sánchez Vásquez, lamented the conflict of statements that was registered between the Rector of the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) ) And some fellow lawmakers, hoping that it will not be related to the relay in the maximum house of studies.

“I hope that this circumstance of citing the Rector to appear to explain the registration and the selection process, do not have to do with the change in the rectory and I hope that no political party wants to get their hands on this process because Is a subject that is nothing more for the university students, “said Sánchez Vásquez.

He recalled that for many years the University was considered political booty where the Governor in turn, political parties and even deputies were involved to appoint the Rector.

He clarified that the audit of UABC resources is extremely important but also explained that the public account of the institution has not yet been voted because more information was requested.

The local deputy asked not to mix issues and encourage confusion because the alleged appearance of the Rector was requested by another Commission of Congress and not the Supervision of which it forms part as Secretary.