Surprising Rain Ravages The Capital Of Baja California

Mexicali, BC-A surprise rain that was not even warned by Civil Protection, was recorded Thursday in the Capital of Baja California affecting vehicular traffic, tree fall, cabling, radio antenna, flooding on the Rio Nuevo In Colonia Agualeguas and the collapse of a part of the roof of Materno Infantil hospital.

Municipal Civil Protection authorities reported that the storm was formed by meteors that form in the Mexicali area, directly affecting the urban area of ​​the capital.

Until the closing of this note there were no reports of injured or deceased persons, only vehicle crashes, material losses due to the fall of trees on a vehicle in the Paseo San Marcos.

The storm began at about 13:00 hours, although rain, wind and hail increased at about 13:30 hours.
This rain disrupted the limes and avenues of Mexicali, practically zones like New River, boulevard Villafontana, Calles 10 and 11.

This situation forced the UABC to suspend classes. In the company Telvista lightning struck, the same way in the colony Orizaba and in Historic Center.

In a press release, the Public Security Secretariat of Baja California reported that the Center for Control, Command, Communication and Computer (C4) has been alert to respond to any emergency citizen calls arising from the storm that has occurred Presented in Mexicali.

From 13:00 to 14:30 hours in which rain began in most of the city and later hailed in some sectors, the C4 has received 47 calls to 066 in which they reported various incidents related to rainfall.