Supposed municipal employee detained with drug in official vehicle

An individual who appears to be a public works worker at the Mexicali City Hall was arrested by members of the State Preventive Police (PEP) in possession of two packages of synthetic drug, which he was transporting in an official vehicle.
It was after addressing an anonymous complaint to the number 089 that the state preventive agents implemented an operation to locate a home located in the Avenida Río Panuco, Colonia González Ortega, where allegedly sold drugs.
In the place indicated in the complaint the officers noticed that a subject arrived on board a pick up Ford F-150, of white color, who left of said vehicle and when noticing of the police presence threw to the floor a wrapping and tried to give itself To the escape but was immediately intervened by the state police.
The individual said to be called Raul Núñez Velázquez, 35 years old, who stated that he works in Public Works of the City of Mexicali.
After carrying out a body check, the agents found a wrapper that, like the one he threw in the first instance, contained synthetic drugs known as “cristal”.
When checking the pickup F-150, model 2000, with plates BP-09-923, turned out to be in the name of the City council of Mexicali, in addition that the unit was equipped with siren and outward lights of amber color.
It should be noted that Núñez Velázquez carried enough drugs to produce 30 doses.
The detainee, the drug and the vehicle were placed at the disposal of the corresponding authorities in order to proceed in accordance with the law