It Was Plagiarizing The Head Of Press And Propaganda of Kiko Vega

The newspaper La Crónica de Mexicali, faithful to its custom, published a series of false notes to celebrate the Day of the Holy Innocents, one of those works was that the PRD appointed Hugo Abel Castro Bojórquez, a PRI, As the candidate for mayor of Mexicali.
The note, said the newspaper itself, was part of the gallery of false information, was only a joke to celebrate on the Day of the Holy Innocents.
The false note was convincingly said that Hugo Abel Castro, would compete against his own party, after losing the domestic election against Xavier Rivas (this was true), and even one of the national leaders of the PRD Rosalbina Garavita Elías, said the information , Had confirmed the fact, a whole falsehood.
The correspondent of the newspaper La Jornada, which at that time was Jorge Cornejo, now head of Press and Propaganda of Kiko Vega, candidate for Governor of the United Alliance for Baja California, plagiarized the note without verifying anything !, thus sending it to the newspaper edited In the Federal District, that trusting in its correspondent totally printed the false information.
In the editorial of the newspaper La Crónica we laugh at the fact, we take it as something anecdotary, Jorge Cornejo, used to plagiarise all information interested him, and did not quote the Mexican newspaper, but copied everything, pirated the notes and sent them as if they were Of his authorship, the same happened with the false information about the candidacy of Hugo Abel Castro.
It is common in some colleagues to plagiarize notes from other journalists, especially those correspondents who do not go out to collect information, but does charge as if they did, a pathetic case was Jorge Cornejo, who already in those years charged in the municipal government Of Kiko Vega, being like correspondent of the Day.
Today Cornejo, as it was published in this site, is being benefited economically of the government of Sonora, information totally confirmed since they found collections of the wife of the subject of marras.