Municipal official of Juventino Rosas Gto. And weapon scandal

LadyJuventino stars in a new scandal at VIDEO in Guanajuato; Is a collaborator of the municipal government
A collaborator of the municipal government of Juventino Rosas was detained outside the Municipal Presidency, allegedly after carrying out scandals in the public highway, the video in which she launches threats to the police and Circulates on social networks.
The young woman, Maria de la Luz Granados, was arrested under the influence of alcohol while staying with a group of friends outside the Municipal Palace, allegedly were making a scandal in the street, Reason why they were sent by municipal police.
Nevertheless, in the video that was recorded apparently by one of the uniformed ones and to which it is denominated the ladys of youth, it is appreciated to the collaborator threatening to the agents: “By me they are going to run to him”, it said in repeated Occasions.
In this regard, as reported by Correo, Juventino Rosas City Council Secretary Orlando Zúñiga and Mayor Juan Antonio Acosta Cano confirmed that it is María Luz Granados, who collaborated externally with the local government and with the Deputy Lalo Carrillo.
Likewise, he said that they were referred to the detainees after the administrative faults they committed, also at a gas station. However, these already left after paying a deposit, as well as the damages caused.