There are 307 candidates for the 11 positions of counselor in the new National Electoral Institute (INE)

Among the aspirants are two Baja Californians: the state electoral councilor Jaime Vargas Flores and Elena Verdugo

Palacio Legislativo (Notilegis) .- The General Secretariat of the Chamber of Deputies reported that a total of 307 candidates were registered for the 11 positions of counselor in the new National Electoral Institute (INE).

The inscription of the aspirants began on Friday

The Chamber of Deputies must choose not later than April 10 the councilors who will be part of the new National Electoral Institute (INE) and if not, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) will take it Out, said PRD coordinator Silvano Aureoles Conejo.

“It is a deadline, if we do not appoint, we do not send the plenary to the finalists, it will be resolved by the Board of Directors through an insulation, but if on April 10 the Plenary does not do so, the Supreme Court, “he told reporters.

He indicated that according to the call, the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) must submit no later than April 8 the proposals to the Plenary to be voted and only if there is no agreement would be the 10th when insulation .

He stressed that the creation of INE, as well as the approval of regulatory laws in political-electoral matters, modify “the whole legal framework” of the country for the organization of the elections.

He recalled that the legislation should be approved in this regular period to give certainty to the organization of the 2015 elections, where 9 governors, local deputies and mayors will be elected in 17 entities, as well as the renewal of the Chamber of Deputies