Press Stage: The revenge (Of the Rector of the UABC)

To the Rector of the UABC, Felipe Cuamea Velázquez, no one has said, that of “juice that has desquite, who does not chop” or else of “if it takes, it is endured”. Let’s go in parts.

The process of choosing who will happen is in progress by the end of January 2015. However, before leaving, he must give a clear account to the university community and to the Baja Californians in general.

Aside from the fabulous image of the Autonomous University of Baja California, a review of the State Audit Office’s Superior Audit Body shows him as a poor administrator.

And this is not anything, because then there are those who talk about black campaigns, the intention to destabilize the House of Studies or that it is evident the intention to disqualify it, to get their hands on the selection process of their successor and Other things more.

Everything, in relation to the results of the review to the Public Account 2012. Miss 2013 and 2014, which are presumed to be in the same style.

For example, 20 teacher positions were detected, with simultaneous shifts. They must be phenomena, to give classes in two different classrooms at once, or too voracious and dishonest, to collect in two places and to fulfill only one.

Projects of work, for 5 million 321 thousand pesos, recorded as expenses, when they should have been considered as part of the cost of the work. A “mistake” accounting, they might say.

Three works, with changes in the concept of work, resulting in extraordinary work that was 40% higher than originally estimated, for an amount of 18 million pesos. This is already a “mistakezote”.

Accounts, with balances contrary to their nature, for 31 million pesos. For the neophytes in accounting, the “must” and the “haber”, generate confusion. Nor is it a minor error.

And other things like that, they assume, that those who manage the accounts of the UABC, are ignorant of the matter, because they operate “with the legs”, as is commonly said.

The most serious thing, to have invested 150 million pesos, in the Mexican Stock Exchange, misinterpreting university legislation, and ignoring other laws, applicable to the case, which prohibit it.

The State Legislature’s supervisory bodies, by detecting that the UABC was carrying out stock market activities, with their resources, warned the university authorities that it was illegal and abstain from doing so.

Instead of listening to and listening to the observations, they sheltered in the stubborn concept of university autonomy and foolishly continued to do so.

Trying to avoid a greater evil, the “detail” was drawn to public opinion. This caused unease in the Rector Cuamea and in the rest of the university officials. For them, the deputies did not have to dig into the accounts of the UABC. As if it were a private company. The fact is that it receives federal and state resources, which need to be audited.

Within this “tell me and I will tell you”, there were other questions, regarding the operation of the UABC and coverage in the efficiency and cost of higher education. Trying to find answers to their concerns, legislators from various commissions, through the plenary of the State Congress, summoned the Rector to appear before them.

Cuamea, not only did not attend the appointment, but half an hour before, he warned them that he would not come, because the commissions were not empowered to make him appear. No one made it clear, of course, that the appointment was made by the plenary and not by the commissions.

But then, he invited them to talk about educational issues, such as trying to ridicule them, trying to take them to a stage, possibly the UABC facilities, or some neutral place, but controlled by university authorities, to expose them as ignorant. In addition, he declares that the UABC is an appealing booty and that some people would like to go there. In a nutshell, he called the lawmakers screwed.

Such acts, on the part of Cuamea, observed and warned the columnist, was like to set fire to the bonfire. Lawmakers bring him in the queue, with the issue of securitization of resources and dares to ignore them, to underestimate them and disqualify them, in their purposes to question him about the operation of the UABC and the management of its resources.

As if there were few, obviously from the Rectory, circulated in the networks, a copy of a letter, through which the deputy Miriam Ayón, asks the Rector to help a young man who wants to enter medicine. As if that were a crime. That is why the eagerness of the legislator to question it, for the refusal to request.

Cuamea does not understand that he is already a candidate for criminal conviction in the entity. That his fate is practically in the hands of legislators. But instead of reconciling with them, he is putting their knowledge into practice in black campaigns, tricks and shoddy. Maybe he did some “doctorate” on the subject. It drives, like the worst of politicians.

This is where it fits, pointed at the beginning. That to the Rector of the UABC, Felipe Cuamea Velázquez, no one has told him that “juice that has desquite, who does not chop” or “if it takes, it is endured.” Now, comes the revenge. You’d better hold on.