Or You pay the fees to Issstecali or I give the services, it comes in his defense Pérez Tejada

Along with the former treasurer and current Social Trustee, former mayor Francisco José Pérez Tejada, came out in his defense after the criminal complaint against him filed by the Attorney General Humberto Zúñiga, before the PGJE for crimes of Abuse of Authority , Peculado and Coalición de Servidores Públicos.

In addition to Pérez Tejada, Francisco Javier Fimbres Gallego, a former treasurer and current Social Trustee, were charged criminally; Gabriel Tobías Duarte Corral (former secretary of the City Council), Jorge Fernando Martín del Campo Quirarte (former Treasurer) and Paulo César Hernández Moreno (former secretary of the City Council).

The former PRI Municipal President said that you have to differentiate between paying the quotas of Issstecali or providing services such as security, patching, areas and gardens.

This issue is not minimal, if we had had the money we would have paid, that is the reality, said the former Head of the Commune.

Perez Tejada said that upon receiving the municipal administration in 2010, his predecessor, the Rodista Rodolfo Valdez Gutierrez, stopped paying Quotas to Issstecali in the last four months of his administration, inheriting from the PRI a debt to the Institution that provides health services and loans To the workers in the order of 45 million pesos.

Perez Tejada asked Mayor Jaime Rafael Díaz Ochoa to get to work, in politics you can endure but have been much more the blows to me, and there is no grudge against him, but you should check things that are wrong and dedicate yourself to to work.

It was a press conference with presence of practically all the local media and correspondents of newspapers published in the Federal District.

The meeting was held in a special hall of the Hotel Real del Inn in the Civic Center.