They are not militants, affirms Barraza, who denounce irregular process of election of PEBC

MEXICO CITY – There are militants from the Baja California State Party (PEBC), some of them have committed acts for a criminal complaint, said deputy Francisco Barraza Chiquete, president of this political organization in Baja California.

Barraza Chiquete responded to warnings about an election-type complaint against the state election process of PEBC on September 6.

Tijuana militants upset by this internal election process, where the only candidate registered was the councilman Hector Riveros.

The alleged Pebecistas Lizette González Sánchez and Joel Anselmo Jiménes Vega considered that the election is doing behind their backs, so they decided to apply for amparo before the Electoral Court (ECJ).
Barraza Chiquete said that one of the whistleblowers removed information boxes from the party to take them home, when asked to said he was taking them to check for the house, were more than 6 boxes of information in the Tijuana archive.

The complainants presented two appeals filed by Lizette González Sánchez, a militant and Joel Anselmo Jiménez Vega, as a common representative of the complainants, who at that instance, said they had first heard by the AFN of that claim and then in the electronic Portal of their match.

Already in communication with AFN, they said that as pebecistas they will not allow their party to become a placement agency, based on commitments for a few as happened in the last election campaign “that left nothing good to the party in the Power and that in fact made them lose Tijuana.


Barraza Chiquete said that the internal election leaves a Party completely united, we met a week ago to talk and the situation is well distributed, Héctor Riveros will have 100 percent of the votes, the 145 members will be present in the election Of 6 of September.

At this time, we had differences of candidates in the election, the deputy and still president of the PEBC in the entity quwería that was Jorge Eugenio Núñez, I proposed to Héctor Riveros, who showed that he achieved the consensus, I do not have a difference, except how Was the Party.

The affiliation was another difference with Felipe Mayoral, I proposed to have more membership, and that was done, as of August 24, we had 1,100 new PEBC affiliates, he said.

When questioning it if the PEBC is of the Nunez family, indicated that no, also of the Barraza, Rivieros and the Mayoral, it was said that it was going to be Jorge Eugenio, but they demonstrated that it is a myth that is left behind with the election of Riveros.

It is a lack of respect, we are two deputies who are not Núñez, he said.

The name weighs, but does not harm the party, he said.


Regarding the assault with violence that was carried out last Thursday in facilities of the PEBC in Mexicali, Barraza Chiquete pointed out that there are no indications that the fact has something to do with the internal process of election of state leader.

Not definitively, it does not have absolutely who say it, the appreciation of it is erroneous, that we have seen it in other parties and other times, when stopping the processes stealing, he assured.