Iberdrola to Invest US $ 270 Million In Baja California, a company benefited by PRI and PAN governments

It will build an energy generating plant, one of the projects that were confirmed to the Governor during the “BC Week in Mexico”

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Iberdrola group benefited from energy reform

ENSENADA, BC- The energy group Iberdrola, favored by PAN and PRI governments with contracts for PEMEX and energy production, will be installed in Baja California.

In a press release from the State Government, the start of the construction of a combined cycle power plant in the municipality of Ensenada was announced, through an investment of 270 million dollars, through which it is contemplated to produce 300 MW, a project that was confirmed during the last edition of the “Baja California Week in Mexico”, headed by the State Governor Francisco “Kiko” Vega de Lamadrid.

The Secretary of Economic Development, Carlo Bonfante Olache, stressed the importance of this corporate project of Spanish origin, which is in line with the policy instituted by the State President for the development of the energy sector and to make it a more competitive state, While adding that this investment will lead to the generation of a significant number of jobs both in its construction phase and in its operation phase, as well as in the hiring of local companies.

During a meeting of rapprochement between representatives of the transnational, authorities of the three orders of government and entrepreneurs of the State of Baja California, the state official asserted that Baja California is now a pioneer in offering cheaper energy for companies during peak hours. Account negotiations with companies such as Intergen and Ienova, among others, will soon have the most competitive rates in the country.

The state official said that the installation of new companies, the expansion of investments, as well as the retention of them, are part of one of the main policies of the state government, since they are the most important sources in generation of jobs, which Undoubtedly, forms part of the backbone of the economy of the state and the whole country, so he thanked Iberdrola’s announcement, because it is for the benefit of the Baja Californians; “Without doubt this is a project that will contribute to strengthen the energy supply of the region and will have a positive impact in favor of local consumers,” he said.

Eduardo Andrade, representative of the Iberdrola Group, explained that the construction that will start next September will last 24 months, and that at the moment they already have a first contract with the CFE to operate for 25 years, Also indicated that they intend to acquire the largest possible local supply, although many of the strong components can not be bought here because they do not exist, many works and services are expected to be contracted and bought in the region.

Eduardo Andrade launched an invitation to local entrepreneurs to present and offer their products and services as soon as possible to the local management of the company, for the provision of services and minor components, including some such as ground movements and food supplies, among Others, which will drive the local economy in different sectors.

Among the value propositions offered with the installation of the company, which will be located in the area of ​​Costa Azul, municipality of Ensenada, are having a cheaper, clean, quality and unchanged energy option in A principle to those who are close to the plant, and eventually as suppliers of distribution networks thereof.

The meeting convened by the State Government was attended by authorities such as Senator Ernesto Ruffo Appel; Alfonso Blancafort Camarena, Delegate of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) in Baja California; Francisco Javier Shields Galindo, Director of Government of the XXI City Hall of Ensenada; As well as representatives of the different chambers and organizations that make up the Business Coordinating Council of Ensenada.


It takes power of 600 MW in Mexico, published in El Zócalo

When the Puebla complex starts, the company will reach a managed wind power in Mexico of almost 600 MW.

Iberdrola already has 230 MW installed in the country and distributed in three parks in the state of Oaxaca: La Venta III, in the municipality of Santo Domingo de Ingenio, with 102 MW; La Ventosa, in the town of Juchitán de Zaragoza and also with 102 MW, and Bee Nee Stipa, in the municipality of Espinal, with 26 MW.

Iberdrola plans to invest five billion dollars in Mexico over the next six years, according to its chairman Ignacio Sánchez Galán last June, At the same time as the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) announced that it has signed a collaboration agreement with this company to carry out joint projects and exchange ideas and experiences in energy matters.

Last February, the Spanish company announced that it would allocate almost US $ 1.2 billion in construction and capacity expansion of its combined cycle plants in the next two years, as reported by 24 HOURS.

The company has planned three other major projects in Mexico between this year and through 2016 such as the construction of the recent tenders for Baja California III and Norte, both located in Ciudad Juárez, as well as the expansion of its Monterrey V plant in Nuevo Leon .

Only in these three plants, Iberdrola will invest in three years 1,110 million dollars, In this year 430 million dollars, in 2015, 580 million and in 2016, 200 million pesos to develop these projects.

The sum of the first two is of 1,200 megawatts, plus 300 megawatts of the Monterrey V expansion, will increase installed capacity by 32 percent from 2014 to 2016.


For the PT, the federal deputy Manuel Huerta also referred that Senator Romero Deschamps with his history of corruption scandals of Pemex; And the companies Mouriño came out the financing for the campaign of Calderón; The favoring of Iberdrola with Pemex and CFE contracts totally damaging to the national patrimony, to which is added Oceanography. History of corruption and diversion of resources that are erased as causes of the bankruptcy of Pemex and CFE, he accused.