Ensenada will also allow marriage between two men who took refuge before the SCJN

As in the case of Víctor Manuel Aguirre Espinoza and Fernando Urías in Mexicali, in Ensenada, a couple of men who requested to marry before the Civil Registry, approximately 1 and a half years ago, Also can marry after having covered before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

The municipal government in Ensenada, reported Tuesday, received a notice on October 31, a notice by which the Seventh District Court orders him to allow the marriage of a couple of the same sex, to which he granted an amparo.

The Civil Registry Officer, Rocío López Gorosave, assured that the couple must carry out the procedure like any other couple, presenting all their documentation and complying with the corresponding payments. Once completed, the date for the wedding will be scheduled.

To this day, he added, the couple has not presented to carry out the procedure, however they can do it at any time.
In the notification, the Municipal Government is ordered to attend to “the request made by the complainants … having to give the corresponding procedure, provided they comply with the other requirements that for the purpose stipulated by law, except that there will be two persons of the same Sex those who get married; Without hindrance, the content of Article 144 of the Civil Code of the State of Baja California. ”
In the same document, the court warns that failure to comply with the order will punish the authorities involved and will refer the matter to the Collegiate Circuit Court to follow the process of non-execution of sentence that may culminate in the separation of the position.
The general secretary of the City Council, Jesús Jaime González Agúndez, stressed that the order of the court applies specifically to the couple who requested the amparo, since it has not been carried out the modification to the state legislation that allows marriage between people of the same sex .
“As long as the law does not change we are not authorized to do this type of procedure, unless they are carried as in this case through an amparo and the court orders the City Council to stop applying Article 144 of the Civil Code of the State “He said
For its part, the Civil Registry official, Rocío López Gorosave, mentioned that they have three working days from the notification to make known to the court that the requesting couple can continue the formalities and meet the other requirements to marry And get your marriage certificate.