Transparent Corruption: Caso Sopas and UABC

Carlos Eduardo Huertas, a journalist from Colombia, coined the term to explain cases of corruption where everything is legal but there is no transparency and controls in the management of public money, with the press purchased.
Because I say it, and I always tell the truth
The two drivers are on the payroll of the UABC, he in the Faculty of Arts as cultural promoter and head of the theater group A Secas; She in the Secretary of Rectory and Institutional Image that directs Hugo Méndez Fierro, and responsible of granting the publicity of the University.
From his source of work received in the present year advertising institution for its Soups program for the order of 225 thousand 800 pesos.

To verify their fidelity to the hand that gives him to eat the holder of the program Heriberto Norzagaray Norzagary does not let them touch the institution, even dare to dismiss as crazy the critics of the rector Felipe Cuamea.

Norzagary Norzagay has been charging for 8 years 3 thousand pesos in the Faculty of Arts, according to what is published on his Facebook wall.

At the same time that his brother Angel Norzagary, Coordinator of School Services of the UABC, began to occupy public positions like the secretary of SuperstoreRectory and Institutional Image, was when the brother entered the payroll of the University.

That triangulation happened followed when Angel Norzagary was director of the Institute of Culture of Baja California. As in the UABC, Heriberto began to amass fortunes by practicing journalism.

Norzagaray monopolized the University Theater, as well as ICBC advertising and money for cultural promotion.

But all those economic benefits came down with the arrival of another administration to the Institute of Culture of Baja California, now the teatrero took refuge in the UABC to mount the works that sponsors.


Because I say it, and I always tell the truth
During the past administration of the then governor Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millán, the driver of Soups was vociferating against the figure of the Chief Executive of the State, secretaries of State and not to mention the former coordinator of Social Communication, Mario Palacios.

The public was presented as a true critic of the government, courage ? Coined it in the phrase Why I say it, and I always tell the truth. However, as the Norzagay journalism manuals dictate, it is giving a cat-and-hare, that is, it sells notes, interviews, reports, coverage and even more advice to information sources. Completely contrary to the Codes of Conduct of journalism.

Norzagaray has never in his life devoted himself to journalism, he does not know how to write an informative note, an interview, a report, not a chronicle, he, like many others in this office: he put on a vest, hat, camera, microphone and started To say that to exercise one of the most beautiful trades of the world: reporter, but its thing is the theater, the action.

During the administration of former Governor Osuna Millán a telephone call was enough with Norzagaray, and the intervention of the former Secretary of Planning and Finance Manuel Aguilar, in addition to a sum of more than 250 thousand pesos, the driver of Soups changed his position, did not do again Criticism with the Osuna Millán government.

As the teatrero, not a journalist, does not have the slightest idea of ​​journalistic ethics, he has to collect sums of more than 30 thousand pesos as an advisor to members of the Citizen Movement, such as collecting advertising with figures above 250 thousand pesos.

Already once arranged with the information sources of the Government the criticism fades, practically disappears and Norzagaray becomes docile and even defender of who gives him money, the list is headed by the UABC, Fiestas del Sol, Congress of the State, City council of Mexicali and Government of the State (with whom has disagreement to get more raja).


The journalist Giannina Segnini, editor-in-chief of the newspaper La Nación de Costa Rica (2008) pointed out that transparent corruption occurs with permissive or defective legislation; Large business opportunities, apparent transparency, excessive technical justification, and friends in key decision-making positions.

Business is set deep long before what we believe and the appointments of the managers, of a minister, is a key moment in that process; And discretion in decision-making, more corruption, he said.

Are legal practices but illegitimate, said the Colombian journalist? Carlos Eduardo Huerta.

Under legal terms, the state contracts are obtained and in that way they carry out their projects, he said.

The Latin American Information Agency establishes in the chapter conflict of interest: Some directors of media and programs act as guardians of the official interests inside the same, carrying out their mission with a dangerous intervention in the independence of the means, arriving, even , To wait for government authorization to read an editorial, headline or place a news and define the display of the front page, all with the complacency of the owners.

In Baja California there are no state or municipal regulations governing the purchase of advertising, it is all at the discretion of those responsible for the public sector to carry out these transactions.

There are no criteria on conflict of interest, such as the case of UABC Secretary of Rectory and Institutional Image, Hugo Méndez Fierro, who buys publicity from the company of his sister Rosa María Méndez Fierro and brother-in-law Javier Mejía Uribe, in order Of 244,880 pesos for the weekly newspaper Siete Días under the name of Consultoría Periodística y Publicidad, SC, which receives more money than a weekly such as ZETA with a thousand times more circulation and no credibility.