Again denounce the sale of seats in section 37 SNTE

Again section 37 of the SNTE is related in a complaint of sales of places, the closest precedent was 2001 with the three criminal complaints filed by the State Government.
In 2011 former deputy Gregorio Carranza was related to these illicit, and people related to the SNTE.
This Thursday, another action of that type was revealed, at least a group of 10 people were defrauded by a subject who claimed to have connections in section 37 of the SNTE.
The deputy of the local New Alliance Party (PANAL), Alberto Martínez, is the secretary of section 37 of the SNTE.
The supposed “con artist” Gilberto Avalos Valenzuela, whom they supposedly know in the SNTE, according to investigations done by the affected ones.
The supposed thief Gilberto Avalos Valenzuela, whom they supposedly know at the SNTE, according to investigations done by the affected.

A bill of a thousand dollars dated May 2013 sought to charge a person with the name of Gilberto Avalos Valenzuela, whom they allegedly know at the SNTE, according to investigations done by those affected.
One of the teachers who fell victim to the con artist came to the Attorney General of the State (PGJE). Not wanting to give the name, the teacher said she met the subject in a cafe located on the López Mateos road to make the agreement.
The agreement was the signing of a promissory note of one thousand dollars, others paid $ 300 thousand and 180 pesos fortnightly during 4 years of service.
The teacher sought a resumption of teaching activities and another of the victims wanted to buy a place. There are 10 affected people.
The sub-solicitor of the Mexicali area, Fernando Ramírez Amado, said that any complaint will be investigated and against whoever is present.
The first complaint was for the sale of seats was presented in the PGJE last Wednesday, confirmed the state official.
Formal complaints against SNTE
vendors La Voz de la Frontera on September 21, 2011
By Alma R. Burciaga
Mexicali, Baja California- Through the legal representatives, the State Educational System (SEE) filed three complaints with the State Attorney General’s Office (PGJE), two in Mexicali and one in Ensenada, against individuals who have tried Enter educational institutions with alleged letters of assignment and apparently apocryphal trade union proposals.

This was reported by the Secretary of Education and Social Welfare, Javier Santillán Perez, when interviewed regarding the extortion of several people were alleged by the pseudo-sellers of the teaching profession, who were recently discovered by the same affected when presenting with False documents to occupy the alleged ascription.
He explained that specifically the complaints were filed with the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the PGJE’s Unit for the Investigation of Crimes against Patrimony, Society, State and Justice.

In Mexicali, the cases NUC 0202-2011-33438 and NUN 0202-2011-33597 and in Ensenada the 4775/11/311 / AP. In addition, a fourth complaint is pending in Mexicali.

To that end, he said, SEBS is assisting with the PGJE in order to integrate each of the constituent facts for its respective investigation and to be able to find those responsible.

Because of this, Santillán Pérez exhorted people not to be surprised with the sale of places, because no place in the SEE can be susceptible to be won through gifts and economic resources.

The processes for obtaining a seat in the SEE, said Santillán Pérez, are clear and very transparent and most likely, if they ask for money they are being fraudulent, so we are advising them to submit the corresponding complaint to the authorities for To be able to find those responsible, he stressed.

He said that it is incredible that without knowing the people who are selling them and who apparently are not people here, as the affected teachers tell us, they have delivered between 60 and 80 thousand pesos for a promise of place and that they deceive them with Documents that are signed by a person who is in Mexico and are totally false, so obviously can not be covered.

The head of the SEE mentioned that they are also working with Section 37 of the SNTE so that they do the same in the issues that affect them, because apparently what people who have submitted the document say is that those who sell them They belong to this trade union organization.

Finally, Santillán Pérez reiterated: There is no person who is currently working without having obtained through his due channels his place as both teacher and support to education.