Bishop of Mexicali seeks to steal property from Torres Sanginés family

There are documents of the entire legal process
By Jaime Delgado
Bishop José Isidro Guerrero Macías is seeking by all means to appropriate 3.2 hectares in the Cerro Prieto Colony of the family of Dr. Humberto Torres Sanginés, already deceased, and although he has lost in All legal instances the Catholic hierarch insists, moves all kinds of influences to avoid eviction like a magistrate and even lied before judges.
The sons of the late Dr. Humberto Torres Sanginés sued the Clarisas sisters, who have occupied a land of 400 square meters borrowed by the owner but over the years they want to own the property and they added 10 hectares.
The mother superior of the Clarisas sisters, Cecilia Martínez Montoya, Who was originally sued, passed the problem to the Bishop of Mexicali who promoted an amparo to avoid the eviction.
Guerrero Macías was presented before the Fifth District Court an amparo on February 20 in order to avoid the eviction ordered by a Civil Court in Mexicali.
In the Amparo Trial, the Catholic chief of Mexicali and part of Sonora, affirmed that the alleged owner Jesús García Alatorre, guardian of the property, sold the property through a purchase contract on May 8, 2001, however only Presented a role without legal value.
The land owners, the sons of Dr. Torres Sanginés, have title deeds, as indicated by the writings registered by Public Notary No. 5, Luis Alfonso Vidales Moreno.
Faced with the refusal to recognize the real owner, the Torres Fernández family promoted a Claiming Trial to restore the property to more than 32 thousand square meters and are located at the end of the Anahuac road.
The Lawyers of the Torres Fernández family located in the archives of the Ministry of the Interior the authorization dated February 24, 2004 for the Bishop of Mexicali to acquire the Cerro Prieto colony, for the construction of a convent, a temple, a house of Spiritual retreat, asylum, green area and parking.
The Bishop of Mexicali before the defeat suffered in the first and second instance, in addition to the Amparo Trial, could be sued for false declarations before Judges so he could be sentenced to pay with corporal punishment.